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Volunteering with Campbell – Ruth’s story

Volunteering with Campbell

Ruth is from Germany and studied in the upper-intermediate/advanced General English class for 4 weeks before heading out to volunteer at 3 different projects. This is her report from her first project: Wellington Indoor Riding School. Check out the other projects that you could volunteer with here. After four amazing weeks at the Campbell Institute, where I… Read more »

Weta Workshop – where films come alive

Campbell Students visit Weta Workshop

Weta workshop is the home to the people who made the magic happen in ‘The Hobbit’, ‘The Lord of the Rings’, ‘Avatar’ and many more films. The studio, which is only 15 minutes drive from Campbell, is where they create special effects, films sets and costumes and props. Peter Jackson and James Cameron are just two of… Read more »

Majorie’s Campbell experience

Marjorie's Campbell Experience

Marjorie came to New Zealand and Campbell to work as a Demi Au Pair for 24 weeks. She also studied at Campbell for 14 weeks (after staying longer than she thought she would!). Here is her experience: A family. Cultures. Smiles. Exchanges. They are certainly the words which are the most representative of The Campbell… Read more »

Everybody’s going surfing…surfing NZ!

You can’t beat Wellington on a good day. And this summer has been a good one! Wellington is really lucky to be surrounded by lovely beaches and a great coastline. In fact most residents live within 3 km of the coast. Campbell students decided to take advantage of this and head to Lyall Bay on the… Read more »

Rock Climbing on the Wellington Waterfront

Campbell Students rock climbing at Fergs Kayaks

At the end of January, we had an amazing activity: Rock climbing. It was at a really nice place on the waterfront called Ferg’s Kayaks. There were around 15 people and everybody had lots of fun. We worked in pairs. While one was climbing, the partner was helping on the floor. It was an incredible… Read more »

Thailand Government Officials Visit The Campbell Institute in Auckland

The Campbell Institute Auckland campus recently hosted a delegation of 33 teachers and students in partnership with the Thailand Government Office of Basic Education Commission.The aim of the programme was to increase confidence and knowledge of using English while also gaining exposure to the New Zealand High School system, teaching and learning methods. The first… Read more »

Volunteer Project: Living in Peace (4)

After four weeks at Rongo Backpackers, it was sadly time to say goodbye to all the lovely people living and working there and to head north for exploring the North Island! My host family from Wellington asked me whether I wanted to celebrate their Christmas in Auckland with them which made me really happy. I… Read more »