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Volunteer Project: Living in Peace (3)

During the after-flood-day, all of the Wwoofers and volunteers worked on the farm for the whole day and we accomplished a lot! After harvesting a big bunch of potatoes, we collected all the grass that had just been cut and make a large pile because we needed it for the compost. Afterwards, everyone went on… Read more »

Volunteer Project: Living in Peace (2)

I’ve spent three weeks now at Rongo’s and I had some busy but also some quiet days. The first week we did not have that many guests, so there wasn’t much to do in the hostel. Regarding farmwork I did things I’ve never done before in my life and I had lots of fun. One… Read more »

Volunteer Project: Living in Peace (1)

Hey everyone! My name is Hannah, I’m 18 years old and from Northern Germany. In the following six months, I am going to do some volunteer work all around New Zealand and I am very excited about everything I will experience. Before starting my studies next year, I wanted to leave Germany for a while… Read more »

Inaugural Mojo Campbell Barista Course Dec 2014

Mojo Barista Certificate Course

“Learn to make coffee in one of the world’s great cafe cities” The Campbell Institute successfully completed the first Mojo Barista course in December 201, and received great feedback from the students participating in the programme. “I adore coffee and I heard that Wellington had the highest concentration of cafes in New Zealand- that’s why… Read more »