Short courses: English + Vocational study

These courses are for students who want to experience vocational study without an initial long-term commitment. Combining English (1 week or more) and a 2-week introduction to a wide range of options including Design, Tourism, Cookery, Hospitality, and more.

Courses are available all year round with all of New Education Group Vocational Colleges and are focused on the student experience. Join in with other students and experience a real programme for a short period of time.

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After completing a short course, in partnership with one of our New Education Group Vocational Colleges, students will:

  • Have improved their English language skills for study, business or travel
  • Have had a good introduction to a vocational study topic
  • Have the opportunity to try a new study topic before committing to a longer-term study qualification
  • Make new friends and experience study and life in New Zealand

Note: Students will receive a Certificate of Participation. This is not a qualification.