Joy – What I think of Campbell High School Programmes

Meet Joy from Papua, Indonesia. She first studied at Campbell in December 2015 for our High School Preparation Course and returned in October 2016 with a group of friends from Newlands College the High School Holiday Booster course. The two-week course allows students to focus on English skills for a short intense period during their high school holiday

Studying at a New Zealand high school can be challenging. Joy found it helpful to spend her holidays at Campbell to improve her English. “My speaking skill has improved. Talking to other students at Campbell taught me not to be shy when I’m in front of people. It helps improve my presentation skills and get ready for exams at Newlands College,” Joy said.

Joily Yappen came to New Zealand in 2015. “It was hard at first. I was missing my parents. I was crying,” said Joy. The support of her homestay mother and her parents back in Indonesia helped her warm up to being away from home. “I love New Zealand because it’s different than other country. People here are very helpful and kind,” Joy

“I like the teachers who teach at Campbell. I still remember my teacher Mrs. Kate, who is very funny and energetic, when she was describing a grammar rule through a dance. It was very interesting,” said Joy. “Campbell has helped me to interact with other students and now I have friends from other countries like Taiwan, Brazil, France, Germany, Japan, Korea and the list goes on.”