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Japanese Rugby Players Study at Campbell

In 2015 Japan produced one of the greatest sporting upsets of all time by beating South Africa in the Rugby World Cup. With Japan hosting the next Rugby World Cup in 2019, New Zealand is seeing more and more Japanese rugby players coming here to improve their Rugby skills and study English. Campbell is currently… Read more »

Japanese blogger’s week at Campbell

English New Zealand hosted Japanese blogger Ayumi Murayama at six NZ English Language schools in NZ in August and September. Campbell was lucky to be one of the schools selected for this programme. While in Wellington Ayumi attended regular classes at Campbell and in the evenings and weekend she was able to experience what makes… Read more »

Pauline volunteering at Pony Parties

My first week I’m Pauline from Germany and I’m staying on a pony farm for two months. The farm is in Motukarara, that’s a small place on the south island of New Zealand. I’m living in the family who owns the farm and in this time I’m the right hand of my host mother. Her… Read more »

CAE: Opening Up Opportunities

12 weeks ago, a group of 7 strangers embarked on the second Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) course at Campbell for the updated 2015 CAE exam. All the students came with the intention of bettering their overall level of English, especially in the areas of writing, grammar and vocabulary. With the course finishing this week, we… Read more »

Volunteering with Campbell – Ruth’s story

Volunteering with Campbell

Ruth is from Germany and studied in the upper-intermediate/advanced General English class for 4 weeks before heading out to volunteer at 3 different projects. This is her report from her first project: Wellington Indoor Riding School. Check out the other projects that you could volunteer with here. After four amazing weeks at the Campbell Institute, where I… Read more »

Weta Workshop – where films come alive

Campbell Students visit Weta Workshop

Weta workshop is the home to the people who made the magic happen in ‘The Hobbit’, ‘The Lord of the Rings’, ‘Avatar’ and many more films. The studio, which is only 15 minutes drive from Campbell, is where they create special effects, films sets and costumes and props. Peter Jackson and James Cameron are just two of… Read more »

Majorie’s Campbell experience

Marjorie's Campbell Experience

Marjorie came to New Zealand and Campbell to work as a Demi Au Pair for 24 weeks. She also studied at Campbell for 14 weeks (after staying longer than she thought she would!). Here is her experience: A family. Cultures. Smiles. Exchanges. They are certainly the words which are the most representative of The Campbell… Read more »