Volunteering with Campbell – Ruth’s story

Ruth is from Germany and studied in the upper-intermediate/advanced General English class for 4 weeks before heading out to volunteer at 3 different projects. This is her report from her first project: Wellington Indoor Riding School. Check out the other projects that you could volunteer with here.

Volunteering with Campbell

After four amazing weeks at the Campbell Institute, where I met lots of interesting people, I had to leave my lovely host family. I travelled around the North Island for one week and got picked up by my new boss, Janet, in Wellington.

We drove to my new home for the next seven weeks: the Wellington Indoor Riding School, simply called WIRS.
Janet and her husband opened the place 14 months ago. It’s only 20 minutes away from Wellington but there is no bus. Janet offered me the car to go to town sometimes.

Time seems to go so fast and I can’t believe I’ve only got 2 more weeks left. I really enjoy being at the school and spending time with Amy and Belles, two others who work at the riding school. Amy even took me with her to ‘Horse of the Year’, a big horse show in Hastings.Ruth's volunteer experience

After some weeks, I am now able to be really helpful and even work completely on my own.
There are 38 horses (I counted them to do a “worm”- list) at the school at the moment, about 30 of them are school horses.
It took me a while to get to know all their names and to be able to tell the difference between them (especially the bay ones). But now I can get all the horses from the paddock.

Apart from Amy and Belles, a girl from next door, Lucy, works at the WIRS on some afternoons and a new worker, Ebony, just started to work three days a week. Ebony and I had fun shooting some pictures that show my usual work day:Volunteering with Campbell

I also take people out on a hack and give some lessons to beginners.
There are five instructors at the school but usually only one per day. The main ones are Anna (a German instructor who also gives jumping lessons on Mondays) and Sarah.

I’ve got unlimited Wifi at Janet’s place and at the school which is cool.
I spend some nights at Belle’s place, too, to take care of her dog and her two cats when she goes out.

There’s no point that I don’t like at the WIRS and I really don’t want to leave them!!

Ruth – Germany